Strategy and teamwork are essential in this mission. Two teams face off each with a medic. After players are hit the second time, they will be wounded and cannot move. It is up to the team’s medic to respond to the cries and get to the player. Medics can revive players by tagging them with their secondary weapon settings . Players can not be fully deactivated to he revived. (Medics can't bring back the dead of course). If a medic gets eliminated, they cannot be revived. Last team standing is declared the winner.
  2. Elimination
    The goal here is a simple one. Shoot the enemy. There are no other objectives, just kill or be killed. Win or die trying. The team that fully eliminates the other team wins. Because this is typically played as a Tactical game,it features limited lives and once they are gone you are OUT!
  3. Search and Destroy
    Search and Destroy
    In this scenario the two teams lock horns to either defend or destroy a target location. At the start of the mission, the the attacking team transport a briefcase bomb to the designated target and arm it. Meanwhile, the defending team must prevent and use of the bomb. Failure to do so means they must defuse the bomb before time runs out! Once thetarget is either destroyed or the day is saved the game is flipped and roles are reversed.
  4. Last Man Standing
    Last Man Standing
    No teams and no friends! Who will be the last player still alive? And don't try to partner up or the the Sarge may just eliminate you for annoying him!
  5. Zombie Apocalypse
    Zombie Apocalypse
    Coming soon
  6. Generals
    Each team picks a team general who they must protect. Only the Sarge and your team knows who it is but be careful, because the first team to lose their general loses the mission!
  7. King of the Hill
    King of the Hill
    Seize control of different checkpoints and then defend them if you can! Because which ever team controls the most at the end of time wins!
  8. Beachhead
    Defenders are well dug in but have limited lives, Attackers have unlimited respawns but weaker guns and hit points. How long will the defenders hold out? This timed game switches sides once the defenders are overwhelmed to see who holds out the longest!
  9. Gather Intel
    Gather Intel
    There are various checkpoints in the battlefield each has part of the Intel you need to complete your task. Once your team has gathered all the parts a live player must present it the Drill Sargent to win the round!
  10. Release the Beast
    Release the Beast
    A twist on Elimination. Your goal is to fully eliminate the other team. But hurry because if you take too long the "Beast" will be released to take down all in his path and he has a super charged weapon and more life! If that happens you team has two challenges to deal with!
    Unlike Search and Destroy, the bomb has already been planted! This game is a race to set up a defense or mount an offense. Both teams start behind their base, and the bomb is ticking. One team's goal is to get to the bomb and stop it from blowing up by decoding a lengthy sequence. The other team's goal is to stop them and allow the bomb to explode.